Teeth Straightening

Alternative To Metal Braces – Clear Braces

It turns out that having straight teeth does more than just make us look and feel good. The benefits of straight teeth also include healthier gums, decreased risk of tooth injury, easier cleaning, and less chance of headaches and neck pain. We typically think of the teeth straightening process as the awkward pre-teen with a mouth-full of metal. Many of us have gone through the process of braces and never want to go back. Luckily, more and more alternatives to braces have begun to appear as our knowledge and teeth straightening technology improves. Clear braces  are becoming more and more popular.

Whether it is your first time having your teeth straightened or you want to do some readjusting, we will work with you to figure out your goals and limitations when it comes to having straighter teeth. For a Free Teeth Straightening Consultation Contact Us Today

At Maxus, our favorite way to straighten teeth is with clear braces by Invisalign®. Invisalign® is the alternative to metal braces that fits into any lifestyle. They are simple to use, detachable, and hardly noticeable. Causing a fraction of the hassle and heartache of normal braces. Here is how Invisalign® clear braces are giving our patients a better smile…

How Do Clear Braces Work?

The process starts after you decide that you would like to undergo the teeth straightening process. Once you and your Maxus dentist determine if clear braces are right for you, we will take x-rays, photos, and impressions that will be used in the making of your custom aligners. Your dentist will then write you a prescription for the aligners and you are on your way to straighter healthier teeth.

Gradual Alignment Process

Invisalign® gives you straighter teeth through a gradual alignment process that balances comfort and time. Each step in the process consists of a new aligner that gets you closer to your desired smile. So you will see the progress yourself through the invisible braces. All in all, Invisalign® does more than make your teeth look good. Well-aligned teeth perform better and are less prone to cavities.

What to Expect With Clear Braces

If you have never had braces or retainers before, there are a few things that might be new to you when using Invisalign®…

  • Brief periods of discomfort when transitioning to a new aligner. Don’t worry, this doesn’t last long, your teeth just have to get used to the new positioning
  • Your bite might feel different and awkward while your teeth are transitioning.
  • You may have a lisp while you get used to having the aligner on, but your tongue will get used to it quickly and your speech will return to normal.
  • People may notice your aligner and ask what is on your teeth.
  • Expect a boost in confidence and happiness after your treatment.

If you think Clear Braces might be the right treatment for you, contact us and set up your free teeth straightening consultation.

For more information on Invisalign® check out their website to learn all there is to know.

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